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Garage Door Repair Whitby

Garage Door Weather Stripping

You probably know that your garage door weather stripping in Whitby has many benefits. The seals won’t only keep your garage protected from outside temperatures but also keep insects and critters out. Did you know that weather seals are important parts of the door even if yours is insulated? That’s one more reason for installing weather seals. Adhesive or nailed, the weather stripping will close the gaps all around the door keeping the garage well insulated. Garage Door Weather Stripping WhitbySo, take a moment to check your weather seals. Are they torn? Are they broken? Call Garage Door Repair Whitby to replace them.

Want to replace the garage door bottom seal? Contact our team

We provide low cost weather stripping replacement service in Whitby, Ontario. Contact us even if only one part of the weather stripping is damaged. That’s most likely the bottom seal. Since it comes in contact with the floor, which is often rough or covered with elements, it gets ruined prematurely. Feel free to get in touch with us even if you only need garage door bottom weather seal replacement.

We replace bottom, side, and top weather stripping

Of course, we can replace the side and top weather seals as well. And we will bring the seals of your choice with us. As for the garage door bottom seal, you can choose threshold seals. The most common solutions lie among retainers, and nailed or adhesive weather seals. Not only will we help you choose durable seals, but will also make sure you get the right ones for your door in terms of its material.

Our service techs are experts in garage door weather stripping installation

We don’t only offer prompt but also affordable garage door weather stripping installation. This way, you can come to us every time one of your weather seals is broken. Our tech can remove old weather seals and do the necessary repairs to ensure the new ones are perfectly installed. We have the expertise to install all kinds of weather seals for all garage doors. We are accurate in terms of measuring the door and cutting the seals and make sure the door moves without obstructions. For excellent garage door weather stripping Whitby installation service, call our company. We can help you with such jobs in a timely manner.