garage door repair whitby

Garage Door Repair Whitby

Garage Door Opener Installation

When you trust garage door opener installation to our team in Whitby, Ontario, you can count on us for everything. We don’t only install new openers but also help you find the ideal innovative system to upgrade your garage door. Our team is available to make inspections, offer maintenance and do any required repair work too. Whatever puzzles you or keeps you concerned about your opener, share it with us. We’ll be able to assist you at the most competitive prices and by doing un compromised quality work.Garage Door Opener Installation Whitby

When it comes to residential opener services in Whitby, Ontario, we can do anything for you:

  • Garage door opener installation
  • Opener repair
  • Sensors replacement
  • Reverse system testing
  • Release system repair
  • Limit and force control adjustment

From minor to major problems, count on our garage door opener repair work and call us to maintain the electric system at least once year.

Specialists in the installation of garage door openers

The innovative features of modern openers include backup batteries, smartphone control, motion detecting lighting, and many more advanced characteristics. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Whitby ON have full knowledge of the latest products by Liftmaster, Marantec, Craftsman, Genie and other large manufacturers. Want to install garage door opener models designed to work with the Wi-Fi? Do you have limited ceiling space and would prefer a wall mount opener? No matter what you choose, you can trust our skills.

We don’t only have expertise in roll up or overhead opener installation, but also focus on our work to make sure every little part is properly connected. Part of our installation service is to test the release and reverse systems to ensure the client’s safety. We program the clicker, check the door’s pace and adjust the settings so that the door will come all the way up and down and stop at the right positions. Little details make the difference. That’s why advanced openers are so convenient and our garage door opener replacement& installation service is completed to your satisfaction. We take care of your needs to make sure you enjoy a safe electric system. Give us a call today!